Month: May 2019

Why June weddings are my favourites…

June wedding

I always look forward to June. And not just because it means warm summer days are on the way, but because it’s the month I got married.

The beginning of June is a lovely time as we see the transition of flowers from spring into summer and can enjoy the best of both worlds.  Ranunculus, peony and dahlia are available now and when used together create stunning arrangements. I couldn’t wait to use these goodies and more in my own wedding flowers!

When John and I got engaged (whilst out kayaking around the picturesque Priory Bay) I had no idea how my ‘dream wedding’ would look. It wasn’t until we had chosen our wedding venue at Landguard Manor, Shanklin, that I could picture our special day. All we wanted was a relaxed day to share with everyone we love. I don’t like a fuss!

I knew I wanted bright summery flowers – lots of clashing colours (because I didn’t have a favourite flower or colour to choose). So when it came to ordering them from my suppliers I didn’t do any calculations like I usually do, no lists or post-it notes, I simply scrolled through the selection of what was freshest that week and added it to my basket. I think you get the best combinations when you see what nature can bring. I was literally a kid in a sweet shop!

The day before our wedding we loaded the shop van with flowers, vases and the trinkets I’d collected …

Peonies…the ‘must have’ flower for many wedding parties!

Peony wedding isle of wight

Peonies always arrive with fanfare, announcing their arrival rather grandly with their big blousy heads with layers and layers of petals, beautiful foliage on the stem, and the most heavenly scent. They really are a prince among flowers and so naturally are first choice for many of our Isle of Wight brides (we once had a bride change the date of her wedding so that peonies would be in bloom!).

At this time of year bridal Pinterest boards are brimming over with peonies featuring in bouquets, centre-pieces and buttonholes! They’re so versatile and are available in many different colours and shades with new varieties being grown each year. They can pretty much lend themselves to any colour scheme a bride might alight upon.

Last year was the year of the Coral Charm peony. We had vases of them in our shop throughout the season and they were hugely popular with our customers. This year we have a particularly charming variety of peony in stock called Gardenia. It’s so delicate with soft powdery blush tones. The perfect flower for a late spring/early summer wedding with its pale pink outer petals and delicate white inner layers (purity and innocence all rolled up in a flower head). It’s absolute magic watching them open up! A little known fact for you about the peony… it’s known as the ‘flower of riches’ and is said to bring good fortune, luck, and a happy marriage. No wonder then that brides (and us florists!) love using them …