Month: November 2019

Easy to care for indoor house plants

Easy to care for indoor house plants

Our shop turned into a bit of a jungle over the past year as we began to stock indoor house plants.

Indoor house plants have become really popular recently due to reports that many plants have air purifying qualities (Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Ficus Plant and Aloe Vera to name a few!) so are perfect for the home or office. They also reportedly stimulate creativity, reduce background noise and even reduce stress levels – we could all do with a bit of that right?

But it can be quite tricky deciding which ones will thrive in any given environment, so I thought I’d jot down a few tips on some indoor house plants that are easy to care for.

Easy to care for indoor house plants

Epipremnum (common name: Devil’s Ivy)

Possibly the most popular trailing plant because they have stunning variegation on their leaves, they are fast-growing and can handle low light and a bit of neglect.

Sansevieria (common name: Mother-in-Law’s Tongue) 

These structural plants are so easy to look after. They grow in next to no light, require hardly any water and are pretty happy to just sit there looking pretty!

Spathiphyllum (common name: Peace Lily)

With its beautiful green foliage and occasional white flowers these plants actually communicate with you when it comes to care. They will wilt when thirsty and you can almost see them perk up before your very eyes once they’ve had a little H2O. They also grow in low light.

And if all …