Month: February 2021

Mother’s Day…what a difference a year makes!

Nic, The Floral Boutique


Sorry it’s been a while. This year has been a huge roller coaster and the days have slipped by filled with home school (I am officially renaming it ‘emergency school’!) and delivering beautiful bouquets to you all. Finally the days are getting lighter and the garden is showing wonderful signs of  spring.  Crocus, daffs, snowdrops and primroses are all showing their faces, and are very welcome.

We were so lucky this year to enjoy a super sell out Valentine’s Day. For the first time, we had to limit the number of orders we could accept (being a smaller team, working from a new studio with a different set up, and lockdown 3.0 restrictions) which was unknown territory but hugely gratifying. Thank you to everyone who supported us, we really enjoyed hand delivering your blooms and saw lots of very happy, and surprised, faces along the way.

You may have noticed some new photos of me and the Studio Barn on our social media platforms recently. Back in December, and with the final details of the Studio near completion, we invited the lovely photographer Amanda Herbert to the Barn to take some photos of me in my happy place. Of course, my family also wanted to get in on the action which was lots of fun! Thank you to Amanda for putting us all at ease in front of the camera, and I hope you enjoy the photos we are using to promote The Floral Boutique in our new home …