Month: July 2021

Local sustainable flowers

The Floral Boutique Isle of Wight

Providing local, sustainable flowers has been a hot topic in the Studio for well over 18 months now. We’ve been exploring how we can provide our customers with luxurious bouquets whilst at the same time minimising the ‘flower footprint’.

We would never hide the fact that the majority of our flowers are imported from Europe by sea, but up until now we haven’t felt ready to share with you the steps that we’ve taken to try and off-set this journey. This is a subject close to our hearts so we feel that now’s a good time to share the following practices that we’ve put in place.

Recycling flower waste

We separate all of our waste. All of our green waste is put onto our own compost heap, cardboard is recycled and any plastic from our flower deliveries is reused for extra packing in the van for deliveries. It keeps everything in place on our bumpy island roads! We even use any water from buckets and vases to water our small cutting garden. Win win!

Sustainable packaging for flower bouquets

Our bouquets are tied with natural twine which can be reused or composted. The gift boxes can be used to store things, returned to us or recycled. The cotton handles can be chopped up and put into the compost. The natural Kraft and tissue paper can both be recycled.

We are currently using a bio-based clear cello for the aqua pack bouquets. This will disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and humus …